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Nathan Allen Pinard - Composer

Creating music from his studio in the Pacific Northwest, cinematic composer Nathan Allen Pinard continues to innovate as his immersive audio compositions gain the attention of Fantasy & Sci-Fi fans around the world.


In this highly competitive market for film & video game music, Nathan stays true to the core of his individual voice in instrumental music, telling timeless stories by layering his themes and melodies with atmospheric beauty and genuine human emotion.


His first published video game soundtrack for GEMINI RUE, by Joshua Neurberger & Wadjeteye Games, receives high marks from video game journalists, along with his recent project, TECHNOBABYLON, by Technocrat Games & Wadjeteye Games.


"Composer Nathan Allen Pinard deserves credit for some deftly-handled scoring. The Barracus city sequences are desolate and moody with a lone horn against a backdrop of rain, making an infiltration planning sequence, which could have been cheesed up with an "Eye of the Tiger"-style approach, into something quiet and melancholy." - IGN review on Gemini Rue


"The Vangelis-inspired music and superb ambient sound effects will keep you company." - Pocket Gamer review on Gemini Rue


"The music is, incidentally, really good throughout, with echoes of Michael McCann’s score for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. - PC Gamer review on Technobabylon"


Nathan orchestrated the DISNEY-helmed song, DARE TO DREAM, featured on the album THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: TIANA AND HER PRINCESS FRIENDS.  Nathan also enjoyed a creative collaboration with OXHORN BRAND MOVIES, a popular World of Warcraft machinimator who took Youtube by storm with hit songs: “THE OXHORN BRAND MEDLEY”, “TANK TANK HEAL TANK”, & “LIKE THE GAME”. In addition, Nathan created a number of orchestrations for the UNFORGOTTEN REALMS theme by WITTY WIZARD.


Not limiting himself to video games and film, Nathan is reaching out to other exciting musical genres. In October of this year, he traveled to Tennessee to receive the award for Adult Contemporary Song of the Year from the 4th Annual IMEA Awards for “In the Mirror” from “The Angel’s Song”, an album composed by Immortal Aria, the group he formed with his mother.


Next up for Nathan:  a concept Sci-fy album with a soundtrack composed to suggest the exploration of a planet called “EDEN”.  Influenced by popular sci-fi movies, TV shows, & video games, Nathan intends to create a musically adventurous pseudo sci-fi survival experience for fans of the genre.


Nathan sets the bar for virtual orchestration, utilizing the premier sound libraries on the market. The future will see him working with talented instrumentalists & vocalists across the globe, focusing on Film, TV, Video Games & Music Production

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Nathan Allen Pinard: Gemini Rue: Original Soundtrack
Nathan Allen Pinard: Machiniscores

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